Stage: Valises


Valises: A comic book transposed to the stage
Photo: Thierry Gauthier

The Blitz d’Axes company’s first ever creation is an attempt to transpose a comic book on stage, complete with panels and everything. Virtually dialogue-free, Valises aims to tell three parallel stories mainly through visual means. In each story, whether the action is taking place up in the air, on the ground or under the sea, characters are trying to get their hands on an allegorical “object of desire,” represented by a valise. Staged by Robert Drouin, Marie-Hélène Gosselin and Xavier Malo and based on the art of Dominique Spout Morin, Valises also features music and sound effects performed live by Elsa Vadnais and video projection by Nathanaël Lécaudé. At Théâtre Aux Écuries (7285 Chabot St.), June 9-11, 14-18.

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