Diaper Island
Chad VanGaalen

Diaper Island

Disc review

As sparse and unassuming as it might sound on initial listens, Diaper Island is a grower, not a shower. This fourth album from the multitalented Calgarian is largely stripped of electronics or auxiliary instrumentation, yet you could never expect him to stick entirely to one sound. Amidst the mid-paced Eric’s Trip haze, Heavy Stones is the requisite harmonica and glock-filled Neil Young lullaby, while Can You Believe It?! is a bleep-filled, atonal skronk fest à la Mellow Gold-era Beck. VanGaalen’s signature sense of humour is present on the peace and love protest Freedom for a Policeman, and cheeky closer Shave My Pussy could have been ripped from the Moldy Peaches songbook. Yet the real gem here is Sara, a tender love ditty hearkening back to the softest moments of his 2004 debut, Infiniheart. It may have been written for his own baby mama, but women the world over will surely be swoonin’.

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