Digital arts: Elektra 12

Elektra 12

Martin Messier: Sewing Machine Orchestra
Photo: Annie Zielinski

For its 12th edition, the Elektra digital arts festival has decided to showcase creations under the theme "Visualizing Sound," starting with Montreal composer, performer and new media artist Martin Messier’s Sewing Machine Orchestra, an AV performance aiming to find the "hidden intensity and musicality" of 1940s Singer sewing machines. Other highlights include DareDroid, Jane Tingley, Anouk Wipprecht and Marius Kintel’s biomechanical cocktail-making, truth-or-dare-playing fembot; Just Noticeable Difference, an interactive installation designed by Chris Salter in which the visitor lies down in total darkness and is made to experience a wide range of visual, auditory and tactile sensations; and TT + X, a sound performance by electro acoustic quartet Theresa Transistor. At Usine C (1345 Lalonde Avenue) and other venues, May 4-8.

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