Attila Fias Trio


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Toronto-based pianist and arranger Attila Fias has recorded and performed at a prolific pace in fields as widely divergent as jazz, world, big band, gospel, rock, Latin and Indian fusion. Stories marks the debut album of his trio (Pat Kilbride on upright bass, Richard Brisco playing drums) and Fias’s first work of entirely original compositions. Fias wears his many influences for all to see: Latin modes resound straight from the familiar notes of opening cut Samba para nos; second tune Colours finds Fias in conventional American jazz territory, though his stunning piano work elevates the song beyond the commonplace. By the time we have settled into the first of Fias’ Growth Cycles, it is clear that this pianist possesses, in addition to manifold chops, a desire to spring his music from the confines of traditional songwriting. Kilbride and Brisco shine throughout the three Growth Cycle songs as they happily hammer away at Fias’s challenging rhythmic structures and relentlessly playful songwriting. Familarity and foreignness rub shoulders cozily; one hopes that Fias will continue to take risks to distinguish his composing skill and persona (

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