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Todor Kobakov

Pop Music

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Regarded by Now as Toronto’s best keys man, Kobakov (The Soft Skeleton, Small Sins, Major Maker) returns to his roots with Pop Music. If you ignore the guest appearances by star vocalists Emily Haines and Tunde Adebimpe (though their songs Carpe Diem and Loving Hands are lovely) and concentrate merely on how Kobakov’s piano tells stories, you’ll be treated to many. There’s both darkness and light here, and also the muted glow of that in-between time of day and life. Also, parts of Pop Music are so simultaneously vital and gentle we may need to invent a new word.

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  • by David St Pierre - October 29, 2009, 6:32 pm

    So his opus is called Pop Music, huh? Only fitting then that he played our own POP Mtl fest a few weeks back. It was actually a bit startling to see a baby grand piano in the middle of what is an already compact club in O Patro Vys. Still, it didn’t take long for that bewilderment to give way to awe as Todor launched into one impressive tune after another all of which were by turns haunting, powerful not to mention memorable and that’s without the benefit of any vocal accompaniment. We (and the crowd included the likes of local gadfly, pianist and troubadour Patrick Watson not to mention Todor’s buddy in Major Maker, Lindy) were enraptured from start to finish – if this is the future of Pop, I like what I see!

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