Pop Montreal: The Dodos - Web exclusive!: The bird is the word

The bird is the word

The Dodos: Expectations lowered? Check.

San Francisco's Dodos would have you believe they're about to lay an egg

Running errands around his hometown of San Fran, Meric Long of The Dodos is attempting to lower any expectations people might have of them. Not in a studied faux-modesty manner, but literally with every chance he gets.

When asked about the path the duo (Dodos are Long and drummer Logan Kroeber, joined on tour by percussionist/keyboardist Joe Haener) took in creating their latest album, Visiter:

"It was a result of touring for a year and learning how to play with each other. With the sound we’re going for, it’s something that has to be practised. It’s very physical – we play off of muscle memory a lot. Sometimes I’ll write a song or a part and realize later that I’m nowhere near the capability of being able play or sing it."

When asked about The Dodos’ celebrated live show:

"I think the reason that people like seeing it live is that it helps them understand how the sound is being produced. We’re just two dudes playing instruments; we don’t have costumes or anything special. Start lowering your expectations now."

When asked about their sound, which has been likened to everything from Animal Collective to Led Zep and beyond:

"I think that we sound like a lot of people and we rip people off all the time. I take from everywhere. It hides it when you steal from everyone."

When asked about hometown support from San Francisco crowds:

"It’s not saturated with music scene shit here, so if people get behind the bands here, they’re loyal. But who knows… We just played a fest here this last week and maybe they’re about to turn on us."

To any potential audience members, I suggest politely begging to differ.

The Dodos
w/ Au and Passion Pit
At Sala Rossa (4848 St-Laurent), Oct. 4, 9:30 p.m.

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