Why Don’t You Give It to Me?
Nathaniel Mayer

Why Don’t You Give It to Me?

Disc review

Nathaniel sounds like he’s on his last breath… and it’s a knockout, skanky moonshine exhalation to boot. All rasp and soul, Mayer is another dusted-off geriatric corpse resurrected by young hipsters and presented as an obscure missing link between rival garage punk, racy blues and Motown factions back in the day. Thankfully he still has enough chutzpah to demonstrate some stage skills the whippersnappers would do well to emulate. With solid backing from some of Detroit’s finest garage players, he proves to be a capable frontman with enough moxie to deliver the goods, and then some. This really is one surprisingly fetching album. Move over Rudy Ray Moore and Andre Williams, the crazy, filthy old man soul revue tent is getting mighty crowded.

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