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Mike O’Brien
Mike O'Brien

Mike O’Brien

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For those who haven’t yet heard of Mike O’Brien, who’s been skulking in the background of countless folk-country-rock shows, this will rectify that situation in short order. The opener, Spain in ’72, has a little touch of Broken Social Scene and hints at the wide net that this cat is casting, but he soon gets down, on Braid Song, to the folk rock songs that make the best of his ample geetar skills and alternately warm and growling voice. A voice that is at times shoulder-to-shoulder with Lenny Cohen’s. There’s the whimsical cover of O Misère, a summer jam called Summertime and Lemonade, and plenty of times when his lyrics ("I think I’d spend my day with you/ Maybe not the whole day but at least the afternoon" – No Blues) fight to steal the show. Check the score up there: This is great, not good.

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  • by Landry Delaine - April 13, 2007, 9:49 am

    Was at Divan Orange last night for the show and was really happy I went. And really happy that despite shitty weather, I wasn’t alone. Mike seems to have a lot of community surrounding him and after that show, I really understood why. The whole band was amazing. He’s got a great voice, is a great guitar player, and I’m really excited to see more.

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