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Bits and Bites

Patati Patata: Where small, simple goodness abounds
Photo: Joseph Yarmush

Patati Patata
(4177 St-Laurent; 514-844-0216)

Everything here is small – in a good way. The burgers are about three inches in diameter, the funky dining room seats no more than a dozen customers, and most items cost less than $5. This simple approach makes it easy for a big-eyed hungry eater to order two burgers without denting his billfold. Most regulars opt for the burger/fries/salad combo: The salad is beautiful and the vegetables seem to be cut fresh for each new order, the fries are well-cooked crispy matchsticks, and the burgers are a pleasant treat. You can also order homemade borscht, tofu sandwiches, poutine, and a few other special items that seem to rotate on and off the menu. 3/5 (Peter Horowitz)

(2472 Notre-Dame W.; 514-509-1238)

The bold architectural detail and generous straw chairs drew me to this newish Mexican eatery. The slow service and food served at room temperature broke the spell. Though wary of tepid chicken, my companion dove into her salsa verde enchiladas expecting a nice, light flavour. Limon’s version was simply light on flavour. On the other hand, my mole sauce was so dense it had collapsed on itself and wasn’t allowing any flavour to escape. Clearly we had been misled by the green flame icons next to both our menu choices. In short, the aesthetic and pricing had led me to expect more. Go for drinks and enjoy the décor but don’t bother ordering food. 2/5 (Keena Trowell)

Guido & Angelina
(Various locations)

Guido & Angelina in the AMC used to be sort of okay in a desperate pre-film pinch when it first opened, but now it’s accomplished an even further lowering of standards. The tabletop "olive oil" doesn’t taste of olive oil, and I’m scared to know what’s in their supposed balsamic vinegar. A pretty seafood risotto was seriously undercooked (mi scusi – al dente does not mean crunchy), osso buco was impressively enormous but tough as a cow tether. I give a Fellini-esque cry to the heavens that some diners may think they’re actually getting representative Italian food here. Decent crab cakes, though, and good service. 1.5/5 (Maeve Haldane)

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