Bollywood Party at Cabaret: Bollywood Squares

Bollywood Squares

Sugar and spice and everything nice

Caroline Tabah multiplies her love for India

When Caroline Tabah fell in love with Indian culture, she never thought her affection would be so infectious. But when, last September, she threw a Bollywood dance party at Sala Rossa, she was overwhelmed by the reaction.

"The repercussions of that evening were so positive that people straight away were asking me when I’d do the next, so I said to myself, okay, let’s relive the experience."

The first revival of what could turn into a series happens this Friday, Aug. 11, at Cabaret this time. The night starts at 9 p.m. with some choreographed dancing: a performance by Afghan dancer Manijeh Ali, a dance created by Tabah herself, works by Desi Dhamaka and Christine Germain, and a finale by Bollywood Blast, which intersects choreographed performances with excerpts from Bollywood movies projected onto screens around the space. The idea is to get everyone into their own dancing groove, assisted by Jiva Productions who will spin some wicked Indian cuts into the night.

"It was crazy how happy people were last time," says Tabah. "Bollywood cinema leads to extreme emotions – it’s a cinema that engenders joy, the celebration of life and emotional expression. Most movies in India are filmed in Hindi, but there are so many dialects that people don’t forcibly understand the language – it’s the actors’ performances, which are so extreme, that communicate the emotions. I tried to build this evening around that too, in terms of emotional charge."

Bollywood Party
At Cabaret (2111 St-Laurent). Aug. 11
Tickets are $15, available at Cabaret