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Dynamic theatre

Providing training and guidance for aspiring young actors since 1998, Dynamic Theater Factory have lined up a scintillating cast for their annual fundraiser, encouraging supporters to contribute to the well-being of the non-profit organization while being entertained by our city’s top talents.

"Through DTF my humble mission was to challenge the young anglophone acting community to find a voice of their own, by offering them a place to train on a regular basis and fostering their creative ideas, self-confidence, and professional know-how," explains artistic director Anik Matern. "Many have not only gone on to start very successful careers, but have also discovered sides of themselves, even gained a confidence within them that they never knew existed." Actors from the organization have gone on to star as series regulars in such shows as Fries With That, 15 Love, The Wonderful World of Green Thumbs Garden and Seriously Weird, in addition to feature films.

But it’s no easy act. Dynamic Theater Factory continues to bolster Montreal’s standing in the international film and theatre industries in spite of rising costs and a lack of government funding.

"Most grants are offered to companies in which the production carries a full cast of strictly professional actors or for productions which are touring," explains Matern, "and on the amateur theatre level we have yet to be granted any financial support either. This doesn’t change the mandate we have set forth, but it does mean our fundraising event is extremely important in helping DTF to realize its mission."

The aptly titled All About Love fundraiser will include Dawn Tyler Watson, who last week at Toronto’s Maple Blues Awards took home the gold as Top Female Blues Vocalist in Canada, and actor/comedian Scott Faulconbridge, back in town from Just For Laughs’ national tour.

For more info about Dynamic Theater Factory or to enter their script-writing contest, go to www.dtfonline.com. Show is $25 in advance, 393-3383.

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