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Holy Fuck

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Bass-heavy grooves and found sounds fuel the madness and the machine that is Toronto’s Holy Fuck, who feature players from Wintersleep, Blue Rodeo, and The Remains Of Brian Borcherdt. A mere 15 months alive, this group has confounded critics with their sound fusions (rock, electro, improv/experimental, dance), and wowed fans through their association with madman maverick Beans, in addition to high-profile, killer live shows across North America (CMJ, Coachella, SXSW). Holy Fuck thrive on the unknown and the now, often using a revolving cast on stage who make it up as they go along, which may explain how they recorded this album in two days.

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  • by Mark St Pierre - January 19, 2006, 7:00 pm

    Talk about a supergroup!!! I’ve heard a buzz surronding this group for a while and now I’m finally coming to grips with what the furor has all been about. Their organic, improvisational, bass-laden soundscapes are infectious as all hell! Is it just me or is the Great White North becoming a haven for sublime muscial collectives? Now, alongside the likes of musical mega-groups Broken Social Scene and the New Pornographers, we can add the likes of Holy Fuck!

  • by Steve Landry - January 20, 2006, 7:27 pm

    You have to ask yourself if their shocking name would’ve worked for a new band that didn’t contain members from groups like Wintersleep, Blue Rodeo, and The Remains Of Brian Borcherd?
    Would critics and the CD buying public be saying: “Holy Fuck:How Rude”, instead of what some people are already saying, in admiration about this CD: “Holy Fuck:These Guys Are
    Pretty Good”.
    They have been described as “a shabbily dressed Kraftwerk” and “Toronto’s evil super group”. Clearly, these guys are not like your average band in the way they’ve recorded this CD, preferring to stay away from a song set and instead deciding to walk into the studio and just let the music come out naturally.
    From reading their biography, it almost sounded like they started the band as a joke and were pleasantly, if not shockingly surprised, that people wanted to hear a group of musicians create music using non-traditional technology using things like “busted toys, guitar pedals and hotwired gear”.
    Talent there was aplenty but there was also a deliberate quest for freedom from conventionality that the members of Holy Fuck wanted to explore, while in repose from their other, more stable gigs. It’s not quite certain how much attention the band will continue to generate with their controversial name, but it sure sounds like they’re having fun pushing the boundaries of “normal” and revisiting a primal and uncommercial method to produce sounds and textures.

  • by Zachary Masoud - January 20, 2006, 10:48 pm

    Holy mackerels, is this band actually allowed to have a band name like that? I mean, are they allowed to have their cd in stores for all customers to see. No, I am just joking because the moment you stop and give these guys listen, you will absolutely enjoy these guys to your fullest.
    Dance. Dance. Dance. And dance some more. Yes, this band will have you moving and dancing no matter who you are. There is no way that you could listen to this band and not be moving your hips and doing a little dance. Similarly to Metric, another great Canadian band, these guys create catchy and fun music. The only significant different between the two bands is that Holy Fuck tries a couple of different things and their is a little more bass with Holy Fuck. Ultimately, this is a band that you should check out. They’re fun, they’ll get you dancing, and they’re Canadian. Please, check them out. This is just an absolutely supa-dupa-group!

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