Atach Tatuq


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Hold on to your hats, because Atach Tatuq are here and are about to blow them clean off. While Montreal has vast reserves of franco-hop, this sprawling collective rightfully deserves to be among the best known. Beautiful beats abound, as on the pull-closer-to-the-speaker power of L’Homme déçu, featuring Khyro, and on La Symphonie d’ma discorde intérieure with Egypto, which is good enough to transcend language. There are too many people involved to mention them all, though Dee does deserve props as one of the better female MCs in the local biz. I was definitely feeling one of the album’s few anglo joints, What Are Friendz For?, with its hot beat and raps from Dee and Loe Pesci, that was until Pesci made a Chandler and Monica Friends reference.

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