Hello Master

Hello Master

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I’d almost lost hope that anyone actually knew how to write a proper rock’n'roll record, something too dangerous to be used in a Gap commercial, something that by definition doesn’t require you to be baked, fried and/or microwaved to appreciate it, something that knows the story of rock but doesn’t attempt to pass it off as its own. That something is Priestess, and man, are they something. Montreal hasn’t heard a straight-ahead, metal-edged, monstrous melodic rock band like this, well, ever. Actually, that’s not true: Bionic, version 1.0, bore a lot of similarities in terms of overall hooky hugeness, and Priestess roll out similar steel on their debut, Hello Master. Singer Mikey Heppner is eight feet tall here, and the sound as a whole is similarly gigantesque, aided in no small part by the high-stature production attentions of (former Me, Mom & Morgentaler frontman) Gus Van Go, who also brought us The Stills. Hello Master – solid the whole way through with far too many stand-out tracks to list – reminds me of some of the best of Motörhead, Monster Magnet and AC/DC, three of my all-time faves, and three who haven’t recently come close to touching what Priestess have achieved with this release. And so it begins…

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