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Oka cracks down on public sex: The measure of a man

The measure of a man

Oka beach: But the breeches were never breached

Oka beach visitor detained for adding his wood to the lot

The Sûreté du Québec and security guards at Oka National Park charge some Montrealers are taking outdoor recreation a tad too far by having "public" sex up in the forest behind Oka beach. The gay west end of the beach, which can be reached by foot in less than an hour from the parking lot, has long been a nudist beach.

But on sunny days trekkers may also come across gay men having sex in the bushes.

For one gay couple visiting from Vermont this summer, Ernie McLeod and Kevin Moss, the cops are also taking things a little too far. On August 6, Moss was taking a nature stroll when he spotted two men having sex. When he became erect himself, an Oka security guard armed with "industrial-size binoculars" caught him, despite the fact Moss never exposed himself.

"When I saw [the guard] coming I started walking to the beach," Moss told Hour this week. "But he came directly to me and the first thing he said was, ‘It’s forbidden to have an erection.’ I thought that’d be the end of it. But he asked for identification and escorted me back to Ernie. I was partly annoyed and amused by it – they were actually going to make a big deal over this, especially compared to what we had seen [in the forest] in the past hour. We saw much more overtly sexual things than a woody. Plus, the entire beach was nude."

For Moss’s life partner Ernie McLeod, being escorted off the beach to their car was humiliating.

"We simply got a warning, but the price we paid for not getting a ticket was being escorted out," McLeod recalls. "The walk of shame out of Oka as the trooper walked [Moss] down 45 minutes to the car. I refused to walk with him because I didn’t want to be seen."

Later, the guard – who identified himself as Paul Junior Chartrand – escorted them out to the highway on his ATV. "We were stunned into silence," McLeod says. "It was kind of shocking to us."

Oka National Park spokesperson Lise Duquet told Hour that park security only patrols access to the park. "The SQ pass on the beach about every half hour," Duquet says. "They also take care of patrolling the woods because [exposing oneself] is a criminal offence."

But Lt. Michel Lapointe, SQ director for the Two Mountains region, says Chartrand must be an Oka National Park security guard since he has no SQ agents by that name.

"We also have an SQ squad on bicycles," Lapointe says. "Oka beach is an isolated area so going by car isn’t an option. We don’t patrol the area every day because it depends on how busy we are. We are conscious that this is a nudist area. But visitors must remember that indecency will not be tolerated. Public sex is illegal."

But is merely getting a hard-on against the law?

Lapointe laughs, then says, "There was an arousal. Our mandate is to prevent sexual assaulters in the area. The people who go to the beach are good people, but we have a mandate to prevent any indecent acts from taking place, regardless of whether they are straight or gay. The law applies to everybody regardless of their sexual orientation."

But Ernie McLeod and Kevin Moss, tourists who spend each summer up north in Quebec, say they may never return.

"I will think twice about going back to Oka," McLeod says. "It’s a bizarre policy, especially if they are enforcing it at the whim of an officer. We’ve seen straight sex and gay sex whenever we’ve been there. I’ve seen straight couples having sex on the beach. This just seems to be an ad hoc policy that we never expected in a liberated place like Quebec."

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  • by Eric Wilson - August 18, 2005, 8:30 am

    Maybe I am missing something… Am I supposed to be outraged by this? Because I think that the Oka police/security did the right thing. If Kevin Moss was taken to jail, beaten, and harrased that would be one thing. But he wasn’t. He was escorted off of the beach. A beach, I might add, that is not legal. It is tolerated because it is not indecent. If you let one guy walk around with a stiff, you have to let everyone!
    And, I just want to add something. How was he just innocently walking around watching people having sex? It seems fishy (no pun intended) to me.

  • by Gary Womac - August 18, 2005, 9:29 am

    Has this crackdown against ‘perverts’ by oka beach officials become nothing more than a george w. bush junior search for wmd’s in iraq?
    The world, being a complex medium to begin with, has now become officially complex in lieu of what can now be officially called ‘oka-gate’. that a man (and him being gay seems irrelevant at this point…) with a hard-on, witnessed by another man, becomes public enemy number one. that a man with a hard-on can now be considered a dangerous to the general beach public seems quite ironic, considering that the nature of beaches such as oka would be summed up in one word: viagaratic.
    Somehow, oka-gate seems to symbolise a growing distrust that permeates many cultures in times of challenges and distress. with a world leader on the rampage in iraq (and soon iran..), and with a world plunged into the viral attack of media inspired fear of terrorists, a step backwards into churchstate terrorities seems to be a safe haven against overtaxing the senses with true logic. a man with a hard-on at a beach, regardless of sexual orientation, shouldn’t equate with immeninent peril to the public. this type of illogic doesn’t apply to weekends downtown, where bars and clubs are seeking men and women looking to get their mojos out and about.
    This argument then that beaches are ‘public domain’ and must be protected from ‘perverts’ has been an argument that lacks merit of any sort. the likelihood that an assault of any sexual nature could happen on a beach seems to be less likely than, say, an alley downtown, late at night on a weekend. however, in times of stress and covering one’s ass against liabilities, any given authority will choose the highest grounds known.
    Then what can be learned from ‘oka-gate’? the world no longer gives answers, but demands from all of us a sense of understanding the parameters surrounding us. sensual indiscretion such as sex on the beach, will continue but must continue with the highest discretion possible.

  • by Shant Noubarian - August 18, 2005, 9:36 am

    Ok…I have just one question for this Oka security officer with the NASA-type binoculars…If you can spot an erection in the woods from a mile away, how do you miss two gay men getting it on from an equal distance? There is plenty of wood in the forest, and you had no problem distinguishing the man’s erection from the surrounding brush, but two naked gay men humping away at each other just seem to blend in with the environment…right? It’s a freaking nudist beach for crying out lud..there is nudity all around, of course some people with become arroused, it just that they must control their urges and behave in a civil manner. Any man will tell you, straight or gay, it is tough to control an erection… whenyou get it, when it goes down it’s almost totally independently controled… Only the conscious tought of grandma or dead puppies actually sends an erection in retreat. I mean imagine if having an erection in public meant you were physically removed from the premessis… strip clubs would be totally empty…you let people in, they sit down..look at the dancer and before thir drinks have arrived they are out on their asses. I feel bad for that gay couple from Vermont, they probably had a xhance encounter with some new rooky on the job. I am sure the rest of the security staff at OKA beach are not quite so severe…although public sex on the beach should be frowned upon…after all their might be children around.

  • by Ellen Reid - August 18, 2005, 10:45 am

    Is it possible to really ban erections? What happens if you cannot help it – if you start to get aroused then what do you do? Turn your face into the sand and think of the ugliest, most horrific thing possible?
    However, I agree with Eric Wilson’s comment that the police were doing their job. Although it may seem absurd to escort someone with an aroused member off the beach when there are apparently people using their wood among the trees, this is the rule and law of the beach and it has to be upheld.
    Yes, thankfully Québec is less closeminded than it’s neighbour provinces and the great ole US of A, but as with any country or province, we have a few outmoded rules perhaps. Just because straight and gay people have been seen to be enjoying carnal pleasures on the beach doesn’t mean to say it is legal or tolerated. I personally believe that a popular beach is not the place to be having a bit of hanky-panky (for one thing the sand gets everywhere) but then that’s what the woods are for, no??

  • by Rob Postuma - August 18, 2005, 12:50 pm

    let’s be honest – sex on a nudist beach, especially a cheesy nudist beach like Oka – is like expecting raisins in your raisin bran.
    Giving fines for hard-ons? What if your nipples were erect ? Would the fine be less if it was because you were cold and not turned on ?

  • by Natalie Dzepina - August 18, 2005, 3:01 pm

    To have the SQ patrol a secluded beach?
    I find it absolutely ridiculous that the guy was escorted off the beach. I am a woman but from what I know about men, once you get an erection, it’s kinda hard to just soften up… no?
    I have stumbled upon people having sex in public bathrooms so I am not suprised that gay men are having sex in the woods… At least they’re not doing it right there on the beach in full view of everyone! Hey, I’ve had sex in “public”… once… but I won’t kiss and tell…
    And by the way, I used to go to Oka a couple of summers ago (in the clothed area thank you very much) and my friend and I decided to venture to the nudie side to see what it was all about.
    We passed a couple of guys sitting so spread-eagled that I could tell which religion they belonged to. If you ask me, that was much more offensive than a guy with a woody. But that’s just me…

  • by Angela McGillis - August 18, 2005, 3:17 pm

    Getting excorted of the beach for getting a woody!?! Give me a break! I mean honestly the guy is gay and saw two other guys getting it on, do you actually think he could have prevented it!?
    So Kevin was wearing shorts and was able to hide the erection do you think he would have still been stopped? Of course he would have because he was not far from gay people getting freaky which means of course he must have been in on it!
    I guess I’m lucky to be women. At least if we get aroused it’s not noticable.
    This guy Kevin didn’t hurt anyone…He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Just another story to make gay people look dirty! I’m a straight as they come but at least I have repect for any way of life a person chooses!

  • by Kara Hughes - August 18, 2005, 3:35 pm

    –But he came directly to me and the first thing he said was, ‘It’s forbidden to have an erection.’
    That is hilarious. I have read somewhere that men have an average of 11 erections a day. I have had male co-workers come talk to me at my desk with erections before… next time I will know what to say to them! “Uh excuse me… It’s forbidden to have an erection at my desk… let me escort you back to your desk!”
    Anyways, what happened to this man is unfortunate. There are strict rules where nudists are involved to avoid people going to these places just to gawk and stare. To me, that is a good thing. From the article, however, it seems as though these men were not actually on the beach… they were in the woods… and happened upon something I doubt that they had gone looking for. I am assuming that no one saw the man’s erection except for the gaurd and his partner. I don’t really see how this is sooo threatening that it merits getting removed from the beach. I think the gaurd jumped the gun on this one. I also wonder if the guard took note of the couple have full on sex? You notice one man’s erection and not 2 people having sex?? What happen to these people? Did they get removed from the beach?
    I am not at all advocating that men walk around proudly strutting their erections, but I do think that in this situation the guard was a little overboard.
    I think that Oka should relax a bit… I mean these people could easily just have sex on the beach for ALL to see… anyone who has been to Cancun or away on spring break can attest to seeing much worse out in the open without the privacy of a forest!! My first year living in Montreal I saw a guy and a girl having sex behind the statue in front of Concorida’s Library building on DeMasionneuve… on Friday night at 3am… just as the bars let out. All this say that I am all for the excitment that is public sex, but lets think about when and were and HOW public before going at it!!

  • by Tricia Jenkins - August 18, 2005, 3:49 pm

    After reading this article, I’m slightly confused as to what the exact point of it is. I mean, a gay guy with an erection got escorted off the beach and premises because he was watching two other men going at it in the woods???? Is this a beach or a sex retreat??? Isn’t being naked in the province of Quebec illegal??? Although I’m all for the birthday suit, I still find it inappropriate to be fully naked, primarily because of what this article is about- erections, arousals, etc, can also lead to sex…it doesn’t help people control themselves, it actually makes it more difficult.
    However, the way the couple reacted, was a little over the top. Being a peeping tom is a social and huge problem, never mind the fact that it’s an illegal act. Watching people having sex is not good, and he should already know this. The mere fact that he did not get arrested should be a miracle to him and not something that was insulting. As for the two having sex in public, goes back to the above paragraph- having sex in public, naked and all is wrong- unless if the area this is taking place is secluded and is a nudist colony or an orgyfest. Therefore, I don’T believe that Oka police over reacted. Oka Beach is a family place, where young and innocent children go. How would you like your child to see people having sex, and if you don’t have a child, picture your little brother, sister, niece or nephew, or friend’s kid watching the deed while they are playing on the beach. What do you think???

  • by Damion Rowan - August 18, 2005, 4:14 pm

    I am a gay man and even I think more security patrolling Oka is fantastic. People go to the beach to sun and swim and relax with their friends. If you go there for sex, that’s just sad and desperate and those who are there just for summer fun should not have to risk stumbling across these oversexed losers who couldn’t go home to have sex. Never mind the regular people who don’t share their low-class values, what if a child came across this? So let the cops patrol, and I hope they give anyone found in the bushes having sex extremely high fines for indecency and ban them from the area completely.
    HOWEVER, in the case of Mr. McLeod and Mr. Moss, I think what happened to them is absolutely ridiculous. Mr. Moss being sexually aroused by two men having sex is a completely natural thing, even if the situation was completely inappropriate. Any man knows you can’t control these things, and if I were in the same situation, as much as I would be annoyed and think these guys were pathetic, if the guys were hot, I might still get AROUSED. Why didn’t the SQ go after the guys having sex and leave the flushed passerby alone?
    Are we going to start arresting thirteen year boys who find themselves in the horrifying situation of having a hard-on as they stand before their class and escort them off school premises?
    As much as I fully support prosecuting anyone, not just gay men, for having inappropriate public sex to the full extent of the law, simply popping a woody is an involuntary physical reaction, and Mr. Moss and his partner getting escorted off the beach for such a truly and completely idiotic reason is an effective reflection of how truly frightening the policing of the SQ continues to be. If this officer is not part of the SQ after all, and merely Oka security, then the park needs to give their employees a talking to.
    “It’s forbidden to have an erection”??? Really…that sounds like the punch line of a really bad joke….or something George W. Bush would say.

  • by Meghna Patel - August 18, 2005, 4:40 pm

    Why escort the guy who got a hard on? Don’t guys get erect at least 1- 3 times a day, for no reason at all?
    What happened to the guys who were having seX? Did anything happen to them?
    This is weird. I bet the cop was tyring to meet his quota for the day. Then again, he didn’t even give him a ticket. My next guess would be that he just wanted to humiliate the guy.
    Sad. Our SQ really should get better things to do.

  • by Marco Facchin - August 18, 2005, 7:36 pm

    Seriously would you let your 6 year old kid watch porn on TV, well this is exactly the same thing. Everyone thinks of the kids all the time and it does get aggravating but this time I think we should. I’m glad they got escorted out but believe people shouldn’t get a fine for being caught.

  • by Alexander Yu - August 18, 2005, 11:33 pm

    Good thing I wear really loose bathing suits or pants for that matter. Because ever so often and I’m sure every guy is guilty about it, sometimes you get an erection by looking. Come on, like even though Montrealers aren’t all super models you see the occasional hottie wearing reveal clothing to get an indecent thought at some time. Like there are a lot of pretty women in this city, or have you failed to notice? Sometimes you might even happen to catch to people making out, I know I did.
    But just because I get a hard on doesn’t mean I go off and rape someone does it? I mean like if that happens then we should ban all the sex clubs in Montreal (assuming they don’t already do it inside). Like the guys sometimes even pay for lap dances and that’s sure to give an erection if the dancing doesn’t. But they don’t have sex inside the club. So what are they going to do when they leave? Commit a sexual crime?
    Or maybe the police were trying to protect our eyes. I know that’s the least thing I want to see when walking on a beach (a guy’s hard on). But then again I don’t tend to look there and if I happen to I am capable of turning my head in the other direction to avert my eyes. It doesn’t seem too hard to do; in fact I’ll do it right now. I’ve averted the pain of looking at the man’s penis by turning my head.
    Oh well. I guess at the time in made sense to the police officer. He saw two people walking in the woods, saw the erection and thought bad things were going to happen. It’s just too bad that Oka is full of people and if the guy was planning to rape someone they’d probably go someplace secluded. But hey at the time it must’ve made sense to the officer. Oh well… Let’s just hope I don’t caught for having an erection… though talk of the gay sex I doubt I will.

  • by Maria Jankovics - August 19, 2005, 3:25 pm

    Well being a woman I cannnot imagine this poor sap’s predicament. But I guess for a man if he is aroused the obvious will happen his penis will get an erection whether he wants it or not. I feel that the police officer had no right to escort them personally to their car. He just should have told them to go back to the car and leave quietly. If everyone can have sex in this secluded part of the beach then I don’t see what in the world that officer thought he was doing. Afterall he is a man and if he isn’t gay he could get an erection himself by watching a straight couple having sex in that nudist beach. What would he have done then if a fellow officer would have seen this and escorted him back to his police vehicule or perhaps he would laugh at him and slap him comaradly on the shoulder and let him be; and perhaps spread the story around and made fun of him at the police station. He’d be the brunt of everyone’s jokes. Have these policemen nothing better to do; why aren’t they after the real criminals? I don’t blame the two men for not wanting ever to come back here. Afterall I feel he didn’t do anything wrong but got so embarrassed by all of this. Let live I say!!

  • by Michael Fein - August 19, 2005, 5:38 pm

    An isolated nude beach surrounded by an area of dense foliage (I fought hard against the urge to say “wooded”) and there are actually paid law-enforcement officers patrolling for erections. Does this get anymore laughable? How strange it is to have an officer of the law harrass such an upstanding person.
    With all that is wrong with the world, some of us continue to victimize people whose worst crime is engaging in natural sexual responses. Sex in the woods is nothing new. Being arrested for having wood in the woods certainly is.

  • by Cheri Johnson - August 19, 2005, 6:45 pm

    To me it sounds very absurd for someone to be escorted away from anywhere simply for having a natural, physical reaction to something they witnessed. It is unfair to punish and humiliate someone for something that is pretty much out of their control. Men are at a disadvantage in this case because of the visibility of their arousal. I’m sure many women would have the same reaction, although hopefully not as visible, to catching a couple of guys having a quick romp in the bushes. It simply is not fair to vilify men just because their exteriors have the ability to be more offensive to passers by. If this had occured at a place where children were running free, like at an amusement park or a circus, I might want to shield my young one’s eyes to avoid an uncomfortable Q & A with them about the human body, but I would find it HARD (no pun intended !!) to blame the man.

  • by Stephen Talko - August 20, 2005, 7:32 am

    The reaction of the officer patrolling the beaches at Oka seems to be at first glance over zealous but we as a society have problems coming to terms with erections.
    At an art exhibition a few years ago a depiction of a clothed Jesus sporting an obvious erection created a great deal of controversy many considering it blasphemy. As a normal healthy man Jesus would have had erections in his sleep and possibly ejaculations from time to time.
    Even at many nudist beaches and camps, erections are frowned upon. Men are supposed to lie flat on their stomachs or wrap themselves in a towel until the penis shrinks back to normal size. It is tough for teenage and young adult males who sometimes appear to have spontaneous erections that they cannot control.
    In the hospital many men with medical conditions involving their privates are afraid to be examined by female doctors because they fear the examination will trigger a strong erection making them feel lots of guilt and shame.
    We need to get over our hang-ups!

  • by Maria Cecillia Silva - August 20, 2005, 6:00 pm

    This is the wierdest article I have read yet . Obviously it is not right to have open sex in public places. Oka beach is a public place , but the event mentioned took place in the woods not on the beach. The individual who was arrested or held for questioning was not having sex , he simply had an erection and he could not help himself . There are hundreds of people that get erections in public places and you would not know it or would you bother with it. It is ironic that Quebec would allow nudest beaches and yet pick on a guy with an erection. On the other hand if this individual has problems controling himself in public places then maybe he should stay home in Vermont where maybe his gouvernment maybe a little more open on erections in public places. People can’t control themselves and that is how problems begin. Sex is to be had in the privacy of your home.

  • by Oliver Domenchini - August 21, 2005, 4:47 am

    What’s next, are they going to start ‘busting’ women for having erect nipples.
    If I got busted every time I got a woody in public I’d be doing 5 to 10 in maximum security.What if I’m only 60% hard does that count as an erection.Are they going to carry around rulers to measure against?
    Thanks to my pants I can get a wood whenever mom nature decides and I’m the only one who knows.Now if I ripped my pants down and started rubbing it against the bus driver, well throw the cuffs on me.There’s a time and a place.Giving a man a ticket or a hassle because he’s got a woody is like busting a basketball player for being tall.
    A level of discretion should be observed though.Maybe even enforced.Especially if it’s a public beach.Imagine if little Johnny’s ball goes bouncing into the bushes,he goes to get it and sees big Johnny’s balls banging up against Lawrence or Luara’s ass.
    Just because you let your dick do all the thinking ,doesn’t mean you have to be a dick.Get a room or a van or some private property.

  • by Aryan Musacchio - August 22, 2005, 1:42 pm

    Why not do it anywhere? He, he joke!
    Well I dpn’t see what the real big deal is… In this case I do, first off
    having sex in the bushes is the way god truly made it for animals, but humans
    can enjoy this nature as well. I’m glad I wasn’t the one to catch 2 guys having
    anal love in the woods as I’m already homophobe enough as it is. A guy and a
    girl is normal, there is nothing wrong with stripping naked in the woods at the
    right time with a hot mate when your arroused, I’ve already been caught in this
    situation with a beautiful girl & we were just laughing but a bit embarrased at
    the same time that people would be walking by. The thing is that we were still
    willing to take the chance. I would definatley not get a big boner off of
    finding 2 men in the woods alone together naked, nor would I get off of 2 people
    that weren’t gay. Maybe if it was 2 lesbians, then I would just be tempted to
    join the action. Furthermore I wouldn’t want to spy on 2 people having sex in
    the woods period, I guess if you bumped into it, well then you can just say ok,
    I’m sorry & then walk away…I guess the officer was concerned that the guy was
    enjoying watching naked people outside, maybe??? I wouldn’t want to waste my
    time watching naked people having sex outside, I would prefer to go find some
    sex myself,, end of story…

  • by Sabina Gergel - August 22, 2005, 11:30 pm

    I can’t believe what I am hearing. I heard about making out on the beach but on Oka beach (which is not even a real beach but a dirty lake)?Yak!
    Anyways, some people just don’t care anymore where they f***. At least, they should choose a clean spot and Oka isn’t one of them. I’ve been there and I don’t want to come back. I didn’t even bade in that pond!

  • by Damian Smith - August 23, 2005, 12:01 pm

    Public sex is forbidden, that’s only if you get caught lol. I think that the law should remain the same; public sex is public sex no matter where as long as it is in public. Mister Officer should also know that a man can hardly control his erections. It is a natural act. It is ridiculous that a man should get a ticket for an erection. Only gods know how many times us men pop boners in public areas for no reasons.
    Oh yeah, what would be the joy of having sex in public if it wasn’t banned? We do it because it forbidden and naughty!

  • by Vladimir Joseph - August 23, 2005, 1:43 pm

    Well this is time and money well spent…NOT! Now they’re cracking down on this? Now? I don’t get it, this is hardly a secret so I’m really curious why they decided to spring into action now. I’m more freaked by the fact that anyone would even take their clothes off there. That whole area is filthy and needs a good scrubbing.

  • by Sandra Zappitelli - August 23, 2005, 3:47 pm

    Ok, I think that having nudist beaches should be illegal. If you want to walk around naked, why not do it in your own home with the blinds closed? There is something so dirty and trashy about going to a nudist beach, in my opinion. I for one would never be caught going there, and it would be grounds for dismissal if the one I love went too. What really bothers me is that the nudity in Montreal is not restricted to just one wooded-off nudist beach. The nudity, sex, and sleaziness is everywhere. Women here have lost all the class they had years ago, and men are growing more and more arrogant with their comments, caused by the sleazy girls.

    I find it sick the way sex is being exploited and the way all you see nowadays is trashyness all around. I hate walking around downtown and realizing how the girls there in the day show more skin than the evening streetwalkers. In response to Oliver’s comment about busting girls who walk around with erect nipples, I think they should. Girls are wearing tight white tops and no bra… umm HELLO?!?! I also think there should be fines handed out to people when we see their butt cracks and underwear. I read somewhere that some states now have a fashion police that hands out fines when people are dressed too sleazy (pants too low, bikini top on the street, lack of bra underneath light clothes, etc…)

    My suggestion would be to impose a fashion police over here too. If you are going to be a perv and want to walk around naked, do it at the nudist beach. Its there for that. If you cant keep it for the nudist beach, you get a fine. End of story. I think that a lot of sex crimes would be prevented by having a fashion police, and I think it would make everyone feel more comfortable in their own skin if they could just walk down the street without having sex, pigs with nasty comments, and sleazy girls constantly in your face.

    Fashion police, a change for the better well needed in Montreal!

  • by Dawn Manhertz - August 23, 2005, 5:17 pm

    How embarrassing for Moss and his partner!

    I mean, can you imagine? Being escorted off a NUDE beach for having an almost unavoidable human animal desire, in a place where many are most probably either occuring simultaneously, or about to occur!! Cruel and embarrassing. What exactly could the SQ officer have been thinking? No erections? I would have asked the dude to show me the law in his little pocket law book showing me that erections = unlawful. Certain that he would have a hard time I might let him off easy after that – depending on his attitude.

    Poor gay guys, I really feel 4 U, although I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced anything like it, being a girl & all. But deep down I know that what you experienced must have SUCKED! Not to mention put damper on your vacation beach outing.

  • by Nathalie Verbruggen - August 24, 2005, 10:34 pm

    I remember in philosophy class .. one of the questions that kept me thinking was : if a noise occurs in the forest but you dont hear it ? is it noise ?

    Well this is kind of the same situation .. if the people having outdoor sex get caught .. well suffer the consequences ! I know oka is a public place! children walk aournd and if I were a parent im not sure I would like my child exposed to a couple doing oral or fellatio or even anything else ..

    like Nike says :

    Just do it .. .

    (just dont get caught )

  • by Alex Aterrano - August 26, 2005, 7:40 pm

    If God had not wanted man to have erections, he wouldn’t have given him a penis that hardens. But alas, man is inclined to ruin a good thing, with clothing, and taboos and laws, and the ultimate in denial: circumcision. Which leads one to question: Why would God make such a dumb-ass being? Hey, maybe there is no God the Creator…. which would mean that indecency is a figment of our imagination…
    Bottom line: The ones that get upset about people having sex are those that are not getting enough…or who feel inadequate.

  • by Jean Goulet - September 29, 2005, 4:14 pm

    Poor guy…arrested and expulsed because of an erection! In fact, if he was in erection, he was entering the violation of criminal code about peeping. So exposing a sexual excitation in public is a violation of law. And more: having an erection by seeing people having sex is a proove he was a little more than just having a glimpse. So why do we have to accept people having sex or watching sex in a public park?
    I think that some people, and a lot of gay people, take for granted a little too much the openess of our culture…

  • by George Winton - March 8, 2006, 4:07 pm

    Erm, duh, guys get involuntary erections. Again, duh, having an erection doesn’t equate to sex or wanting to attack somebody. And for the third time, DUH, an erection is a natural occurence, it’s not like you can stop it happening, whatever the reason for it happening (involuntary natural function or getting turned on by something) – what was the guy supposed to do, jump on the floor to hide it? Wouldn’t taht have looked more perverted, like he was having sex with the floor. The nuttiness of some people really annoys me.

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