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This is DJ Promo

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Every once in a while I like to write about local DJs’ mix CDs, big up the underground and all that fly shit. Unfortunately, my bastard editor chopped the following review early in June, so while his mix is still on the streets, and his selections are still hot, let’s give it up for DJ Bind…

DJ Bind, International Takeover

Ambitiously titled and professionally packaged, it’s obvious that Bind invested both time and money into his double-CD baby, making it all that much more dope when he handed me a free copy. Breakin Down Borders is CD 1, taking the listener through Bind’s breaks sound. Beats are provided by household names Freq Nasty, Apollo 440, Kraft Kuts, Aquasky and Groove Armada, ragga and hip-hop flavours are added by Sean Paul, Capone, Busta Rhymes and The Beatnuts, and Bind’s subtle, fluid mixing allows the tracks to shine without distraction. The second CD, This Is My House, rides comfortably in that accessible no man’s land between house, trance and techno. Progressive and groovy, with deep, repetitive chunks interspersed with epic breakdowns, Bind further establishes his stylistic range and his willingness to escape the "breaks" pigeonhole, leading me to compare his sound most easily with the legendary John Digweed. Bind spins at Saphir’s Mix Thursday tonight, Aug. 4, with special guests DJ Luv, laptop mash-up engineers Doctor Octoboobies and DJ Shit, d’n'b selector Corey K and rare-groove jockey Nick Osicka. Monday, Aug. 8, Bind spins again at Blue Dog’s EZ Bake Mon Daze, alongside Sarcastic and residents Dysklo, Kiffah and DB Vaig; the event doubles as a celebration of the anniversary of Sebastien Fullum’s birth. For more info about Bind, check out his website:

DJ Bliss is another solid local DJ, firmly entrenched in the breaks community but equally known for his diversity and encyclopedic musical knowledge. This Saturday he launches his new Voyeur mix CD at, fittingly enough, Blizzart’s Voyeur weekly. Bliss describes his Voyeur sound as "European electro like Kraftwerk and New Order, heavy industrial shit like Ministry and Meat Beat Manifesto, ’80s electronic stuff, and more rock-orientated breakbeat stuff like Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. I play a lot of bootlegs, mash-ups and hard-to-find tracks." A quick glance at the track listing indicates that breaks cats like Adam Freeland and Rennie Pilgrem make appearances, as do Afrika Bambaataa, Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, T. Raumschmiere and more.

I haven’t really had a chance to fully absorb the mix, but from my limited exposure I’d guess that, once again, it may be a case of a good DJ playing music that ain’t really up my alley, but doing it in such a fashion that I’m able to appreciate it – truly one of the most worthwhile experiences in life. Perhaps the only worthwhile experience. Bliss launches the Voyeur Mutant Disco mix with Jordan Dare. Ask somebody for your free mix CD (for more info about bliss check out; for more info about the night go to

Saturday night, Aug. 6, Synergy continue their Hard as Fuck series with MARS 2044, an inner-city rave featuring DJ Promo, Toronto’s B7 vs. Deztro, Quebec City’s Merkurius, and local/regional talents Earthquake, Iznogood, Sickness, Tamerax and D-Mise. Born Sebastian Hoff, Dutch hardcore DJ Promo is head of the acclaimed Third Movement label, and makes his Montreal debut at Hard as Fuck: MARS 2044 ($20 in advance; info: 514-724-4574,

Sunday, Aug. 7, DJs Jasmine and Cyan host their monthly Women on Wax soiree at Blue Dog. Their August edition welcomes hip-hop, breaks, funk and soul DJ Tashish (free).

Tuesday night, Aug. 9, Destiny’s Child perform at the Bell Centre – not to be missed by the maturity-impaired.

Track of the Week: Even before Wu-Tang so succinctly ripped it off for their Gravel Pit track, Cameo’s Back and Forth single ruled. Oh woe, the trials and tribulations of an innocent heart.

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