The Code Is Red… Long Live the Code
Napalm Death

The Code Is Red… Long Live the Code

Disc review

Hugely influential death metal band and grind originator Napalm Death has spawned many imitators, and past members have gone on to found Cathedral, Godflesh and Carcass. Over 20 years later, their relentless politicized fury still incites aggression, fear and rage like it’s nobody’s business. This is so much more than an established band ripping through 15 vicious new tracks – it’s a testament to their diversity in grind and death metal, displaying Napalm Death’s willingness to adapt to the times and showcasing the technical expertise, speed and sheer wrath that they’re famed for. There are even some mid-tempo chugging riffs here (Diplomatic Immunity) that will please metalcore fans.

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