Food 4 Funk

Food 4 Funk

Nod your head, fill some bellies

As a first, it sure bodes well. "Basically, we organized all this just to get the bands together and try to do something good for the community," says Kollective Records’ Marc-André Manseau. His buoyancy on the phone recalls the message I first got from his colleague Jesse Mayer promoting this event. These are certainly happy guys.

The first-ever celebration organized by the young and jubilant Kollective Records label is Food 4 Funk, a charity show boasting performances by Montreal’s undeniable funk luminaries Voodoo Jazz, as well as the soulfully suave Afrodizz and Dibondoko, an indubitably stellar trio. The night, happening at Cabaret on February 4, was organized to assist Sun Youth and Santropol Roulant, and to "help our community’s less fortunate, both young and old, throughout these brutal winter months."

Says Manseau, "We noticed there was a lot of aid being sent out toward Asia right after the tsunami, and we got a lot of reports of Montreal organizations getting low food and low funds this year. So we decided to put the whole thing together and do the best we can."

The idea is that everyone who goes to the show should bring four cans of non-perishable food, and in exchange get a $3 refund on the $13 ticket. If you show up without cans, then $3 of your $15 ticket sale goes to Santropol Roulant.

"People get to exchange food for funk," laughs Manseau about the poetry of the concept. He’s right to be joyful – things like this should make you smile.

Food 4 Funk at Cabaret, Feb. 4, 8 p.m.; info:

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Food 4 Funk