Jordi Rosen

Jordi Rosen

Rosen: Living in Lotus land

Intuitively in tune

When people say that Jordi Rosen is in tune, they aren’t only referring to the harmonics of her accordion. The Montreal singer-songwriter, whose lushly textured folk is infused with spirited warmth and beauty, is by nature and by calling an "intuitive healer." Anyone that has heard Rosen play live and/or been moved by the stunning tracks on her 2001 debut, Madame Xavier, knows this is a woman whose music is intimate, affecting and unique. To learn that this is also a woman who enters alternate states on a daily basis, picking up on your energy to channel and deliver messages, is therefore not surprising.

"I think it all ties in – the intuitive work I do and the music. It stems from a similar place of just helping people and helping spread love, truth and communication," she says.

After several years away from the recording process (Rosen lost all of her belongings in a devastating but "cleansing" fire a few years back), she has released her second album, Lotus. Though the label-less Rosen admits "she’d love a record deal and love the funding to tour," what she lacks in private assistance is compensated in public support. The list of collaborators on Lotus is long and impressive, with artists like Annabelle Chvostek, Lisa Gamble, Jace Lasek, Carrie Haber, Joellen Housego, Gordon Hashimoto and Peter X making generous musical contributions to both song and production.

"They wrote their own arrangements. Whatever they feel – it comes out," she says. "It feels good working with friends. I mean, it’s just a whole other dimension."

Jordi Rosen launches Lotus at Casa del Popolo, January 13

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