In the Meantime and in Between Time

In the Meantime and in Between Time

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I can’t believe it’s been six years since the last SNFU album, 18 years since I first saw these storied Western Canadian punks in concert (leaping mid-air, singer and lead instigator Mr. Chi Pig fired a loogie out of his nose onto my buddy Brian’s cheek, where he proudly wore it for the rest of the night) and nearly 20 years since I heard their controversial first album And No One Else Wanted to Play (with its uncredited Diane Arbus artwork on the front, changed on subsequent pressings). On this ninth full-length, the Edmonton-bred, Vancouver-based SNFU continue to find gems in an otherwise well-mined vein of early-’80s hardcore influenced punk rock. Far from being a nostalgia act, SNFU are still embarrassing younger generations of less committed, less adventuresome bands rather than themselves. And the sound on this mutha (check the killer Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump) is huge.

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