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Metallica Inc.

Metallica's primary shareholders

Everyone's favourite heavy metal soap opera in the business of Anger

A note to aspiring members of Metallica: You aren’t joining a band, you’re becoming part of a corporation. You belong to us, bitch.

Metallica’s newest member, bassist Robert Trujillo, offers this advice with tongue planted firmly in cheek, and not without the requisite glee of becoming a part of one of the biggest bands on earth.

"It’s an amazing challenge," Trujillo says from the St. Louis stop on the band’s 34-date, North American leg of its Madly in Anger With the World tour. "The press load, the photos, the meetings, the DVD recordings. It’s like going to the best college of music, business and everything else, all at once."

A veteran of California’s punk scene who got his start with Suicidal Tendencies in the 1980s, Trujillo brings a certain SoCal punk flair to a band once defined by its tight jeans and horrendous, man-I-need-to-get-laid haircuts. He stalks the stage like some proto-simian warrior, his bass less of an instrument than an extension of his aggression. He is comparably less intense offstage, and laughs out loud about the Spinal Tap nature of the band’s revolving bass players.

Metallica’s founding bassist, the mighty Cliff Burton, was killed in a tour bus accident in 1986. Jason Newsted left in 2002 after a less-than-metal bitch fest with singer James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. The band went without a permanent player while recording 2003′s St. Anger, choosing instead to use producer Bob Rock.

During the time between Newsted’s tumultuous departure and Trujillo’s ascendance to the job, the band continued to fight music file sharing (sorry, Lars – "online piracy"), almost broke up over Hetfield’s near-murderous booze affliction, went to group therapy together, had several books written about them, and had the whole thing filmed by a documentary crew.

"Down the Metallica food chain, you have me, the bassist," Trujillo says. "It took them a while to finally break down and get a bass player."

The most recent book, the Random House-published So What! The Good, the Mad and the Ugly, is only the latest example of the band’s self-indulgence. It documents Metallica’s history through the ages in the kind of detail usually reserved for obsessed Beatles fans. If you want to read two-and-a-half dozen interviews with guitarist Kirk Hammett, or own a photo spread of Lars hamming around with a large trout, by all means spend the $39.95.

As Metallica’s newest member then, Trujillo’s life is with a band that not only recorded one of the more rage-infused albums of last year, but also gets pilloried on shows like South Park, which famously put down drummer Ulrich for being a money-grubbing, tennis-playing moron. ("That was hilarious, I thought," Trujillo says. "I’m not sure he did.")

Of course, he isn’t complaining. After all, the guy gets to go out and play some of his favourite tunes just about every night. "It’s like a huge machine fuelled by the big business aspect. At the same time, there’s this independent thing where we do whatever the hell we want. It’s amazing.

"All this, and great music," Trujillo says, before laughing at that Spinal Tap thing again.


And Godsmack at the Bell Centre, Oct. 4

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  • by Gary Womac - September 30, 2004, 9:54 am

    ..when i saw the very well done documentary some kind of monster at cinema du parc two weeks ago: i was deeply disturbed not by any of the documentary which i found amazing and highly insightful into the many aspect of being ‘the’ band but by the incessant and un-necessary cackling from a couple that obviously shouldn’t have been at the documentary at all to begin with:

    never a metallica fan per se — after watching some kind of monster: i was very very impressed and very moved by the sheer beauty of what it has taken these group of men to endure the shit surrounding being labeled many things by many different people who don’t have a clue really what it means to endure: and while i and others that evening had to endure these morons cackling like dying geese during some very moving scenes of some kinda of monster: it became very deeply apparent to me how many minds are
    resistant to grasping what type of sacrifices a band such as metallica has endured to remain ‘the’ band of the world:

    …the spinal tap references towards metallica lacks merit and becomes in itself a spinal tap moment because
    the concept of ‘metal’ has become as distorted and as bloated as the election year promises by politicians: the genre of ‘metal’ represents an expression of visceral feelings that the current glut of shitty pop musick and watered down un-imaginative rap remains resistant to express — and of course the members of metallica aren’t perfect and as lars attempt to bring down file sharing has failed and as james’ rehab has become now legendary in metallica lore: the band represents what che guevara has come to represent for many — that in this world frame of many conforming to score those large dollars that metallica continues to strive to do what metallica wants to do regardless of popular trends to be kiss ass and full of shit –

    i would love to see any of these so-called pop bands ruling the charts have one tenth of the balls instead of being ass kissers and pussies…

  • by Ronny Pangia - September 30, 2004, 10:59 am

    Metallica can consider itself to be really lucky to have a fan base that is really loyal to the band. Not only did it make its fans go through the 90s with horrible music found on their Load and Re-Load albums but we had to endure Lars constant nagging about the wrongs of online piracy. It is okay though to demand exhorbitant concert ticket prices – the very thing that has kept them relevant and popular all these years. Oh yes, I forgot to factor in the Some Kind of Monster movie, book, live concert selling online, etc… Where does it end for the die-hard fan wanting it all and paying for it? Pearl Jam got its ass whooped when they took on Ticketmaster for demanding high prices for their concerts and it cost them dearly.

    I really enjoyed Robert Trujillo’s take on the Metallica machine and putting some fun into this serious corporate venture. My lament is coming from a perosn who truly respects the band and will be checking them out this Monday. Nevertheless, we would like to see them not be so damn angry with the exception of unleashing it all on stage.

  • by Michal Stankoviansky - September 30, 2004, 6:31 pm

    Why does it seems that the author of the article cannot stand the fact that Metallica is not giving everything for free? Somehow he forgot to mention that Metallica live completely satisfies fans who come to see them, giving them great music and show for their money. But instead, all I was reading is how Metallica lives for money, which is completely untrue. It is so easy to bash someone who was only fighting for his rights, especially when he’s taking your free MP3s, right? Go see them live, and then write again.

    And by the way, Newsted left in 2001.

    I wish you better sense of what objectivity means next time.

    Best regards

  • by Pedro Eggers - October 1, 2004, 10:50 am

    Once upon a time you had Metallica, these diehard metalheads with a furious passion for their music and a growing fanbase that just dug their ‘take no prisoners and screw the establishment’ growling lyrics & vocals and punchy guitar riffs.

    Please note the past tense because that was then and this is most definitely now.

    Metallica has now become Metallica Inc., a collection of rich, kvetching & bloated quasi-metalheads who seem to have lost their furious metal soul along with their long hair so that they could oversee a mini musical media empire that is so mainstream that their former selves wouldn’t even recognize. Metallica undoubtably achieved achieved fame and fortune but the price they paid to get that was their metal soul and their fanbase. It’s an old tale, a tale as old as rock n’ roll itself, the list of formerly great bands that lost themselves in the heady waters of success is legion. Metallica was just the latest victim.

    Yes, Metallica still pumps out tunes and gives solid concerts but the fire isn’t the same. Instead of becoming Deeper & better, they became older and smarter and those are *not* the same thing. For a metal band that’s akin to death.

    After all these years of touring & performing it’s almost impossible for them to not mount a good show or put out a well-produced CD. No, *that* isn’t the question. Any band has its share of diehard zealots who will defend them to the Nth degree, so I won’t be surprised if and when they mark out for the greatness of Metallica. I was fan and I still am on a certain nostalgic level but just as they changed, so did I.

    Metallica has put forth too much annoying bull into the ether for me to embrace them as I once did. So, Metallica acquired a new bassist…and this is supposed to mean something to me? This is still the same well-oiled money making metal machine, except now it has a new cog. I don’t know if Metallica sold their soul or just lost it but I ain’t buying their post-therapy faux fury.

  • by Brian Bownds - October 2, 2004, 1:05 pm

    A band must grow over time. If they don’t, they stagnate and become a sespool of the same old crap untill everyone gets tired of listening to them. It’s not the “old” and “new” Metallica, it’s “METALLICA!”. St. Anger is a new path for the band and an opprtunity for them to explore their musical direction. The very release of this album means that they are staying true to fans and themselves for not letting the establishment dictate the direction of their music. From Ride the Lightning, to Load, to St. Anger, Metallica kicks ass the entire way. And, Robert Trujillo is great addition to the band.
    Sorry if I got off subject, just tired of hearing people like Pedro cry about bands that choose to mature and develop music that reflects their current attitudes and feelings.
    I am a 20+ year Metallica fan and can’t wait to see them in November.

  • by Josh Elsner - October 2, 2004, 5:17 pm

    First off left let me say “fuck you” to anyone who hates Metallica. They’ve worked their asses off to put out great cd’s, dvd’s, books and concerts. And how are they repaid? By punk asses who bash them. I believe it was James who said “Over the years Metallica has changed…evolved…and if we lose fans over it, oh well”. Which I think is a great way to put it. If your stuck in a certain mind set, over time you’ll have nothing left for your self.

    I have a membership in the Metallica club, mailing list, concert club and constantly buy things online. I don’t regret one penny I send to ‘Tallica. Metallica deserves everything they get (except bad press). Call me a kiss-ass, but I would die to keep Metallica going, I would be homeless before I quit feeding Metallica. I love Metallica, and you should too.

  • by Ben Honeycutt - October 2, 2004, 8:50 pm

    Undoubtedly, everyone who keeps tabs on the heavy metal scene has heard of or at least heard of Megadeth’s new “comeback” album, The System Has Failed, released on September 14, 2004. This album is absolutely brutal, and a true return to the machine-gun thrash pioneered by Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer in the 1980′s, when albums such as Master of Puppets, Rust In Peace, and Reign in Blood made those bands untouchable metal gods. However, Metallica and Megadeth began to lose their dangerous, speed-metal edge as they entered the 1990s, and they began to produce more commercially-friendly albums such as Risk, Reload, and St. Anger. Metallica’s Black Album experienced meteoric success upon its release in 1991, but that was the last album to feature the sound and technical proficiency that made Metallica metal’s biggest band.

    Megadeth’s The System Has Failed harkens the triumphant return of Megadeth, and is the album Metallica has been struggling to make for almost 10 years. It is chock full of blistering rhythms and shredfests that equal or surpass any effort they released back in the 80′s, especially on tracks like “Kick the Chair,” “Blackmail The Universe,” “Of Mice and Men,” and “Die Dead Enough.” Surprisingly, Dave Mustaine’s voice sounds as healthy as ever, and it sounds as if he’s finally become comfortable with his singing abilities. While we should not expect James Hetfield to hit the range he sang in on Master of Puppets and …And Justice For All with the same feral growl some 17 years after the release of those albums, the current direction Metallica’s latest efforts have been going in is inexcusable, as they have all but lost their technical flair on their studio albums. That technical proficiency has not left the members of Metallica as proved by their live concerts, but I truly hope Metallica has listened to The System Has Failed and taken some notes, because Dave Mustaine proves that after 20 years you can still kick ass. There is still hope…

  • by Carmela Sicurella - October 2, 2004, 9:15 pm

    Love them or hate them you cannot deny that Metallica are one of the most entertaing musicians of all time. What they have done to heavy metal genre is sensational. Metallica have inspired many people to pick up an instrument and start jamming. Metallica have been playing concerts and releasing albums for over twenty years now and they just get better and better every time.

    When Metallica roars into town to play two sold out shows at the Bell Centre they will give fans something that they will never forget. When you watch Metallica perform live you will experience something that you have never experienced before. I have watched Metallica grow as young men into adults who have families and still play music with the same integrity and inspiration. Those who are going to the concert have a good old time.

  • by Darren Christensen - October 3, 2004, 12:11 am

    … As the title of the old Megadeth record goes, who rarely cares about a bunch of midle aged rock critics think? Certaintly not me and probably not Metallica. When you have done every-bloody-thing in Metal there is always going to be detractors who dislike this or that thing you’ve done, and if you dislike Metallica for being older well, bad luck, they are still the best Metal band in the world and still here. Get used to it!!

  • by Rodrigo Peredo - October 3, 2004, 11:53 am

    after i saw SKOM i really began to see metallica as real people. i have seen the other docs made about them, and i then realized that they only show the side of them that is seen on stage. SKOM shows them as people that have their weaknesses and insecurities like everybody else, but the most important thing is that it shows that their relationship is something that they need; when they fight, they fight like real brothers; family.
    saint anger is an expression their relationship in every way, with each other, against each other, with the rest of the world and against the world. this is how they stay together….this is how any of us stay together with our loved ones.

    well done guys

    (dont let the petty and simple minded fools out there get to you)

  • by Jennifer Barrett - October 3, 2004, 12:47 pm

    I must say some of the comments ive just heard show that some people dont believe in metallica like i do.Metallica are (LEGENDS)Maybe some of their songs take a while to get use to but maybe change is what everyone needs.I am 14 and dont know all their songs but what i do know is everyone respects them even if their not into metal.so you cant judge them on one or two bad songs.IF your a true follower you will accept their good times and bad.their St.Anger cd definetally inspired me it shows some people that they dont have to sing the same songs with the same heavy metal beat all the time and their up for change.even though i myself would prefer the real heavy metal so maybe they did change for the worse but maybe they will go back to the true heavy metal LEGENDS so keep the faith of Metallica and rock on cause they kick ass
    hope you enjoyed this, make sure METALLICA rock your soul forever

    love metallica always

  • by Haydn Diaz - October 3, 2004, 10:08 pm

    Metallica’s Kill’em all kicked the world’s face 22 years ago, thus a legacy was born. A legacy That still lives today. How can you be so idiotically blind to say that Load, Re-load And St Anger are Comercial excuses when They have Songs like Outlaw thorn (More than seven minutes long), Bleeding Me,The hause Jack Built, Ronnie, Fixxer, Attitude, where the wild things are, And not to mension every single song from St anger, Galloping with Sixteenth Notes and Dynamycs Like those never Heard On any Metallica Album Or any Metal album for that mater.

    How Undre the sky, Dare you compare Metallica With Megadeth. Metallica has Grown and Developed their music, fueld by energy, Talent and deepness they are one of the few bands That have unveild True music to the world Comercially. Megadeth is a joke, With songs that have absolutly no invention, creativity or gratness. As one sees a Megadeth Video, one does know to either lough, cry(of how bad it is) or just commit suicide. Dave mustine Has spend over Twenty years Trying to sing and has failed, His voice sounds forced, made up, and is complitly thwarted by something called “talent”; things that can also be said For the theme of each of their songs.

    MetallicA are of the best the world will ever know From kill’m all to St Anger To what still is to come.

    To the Writer Of the Article; Do yourselve a favor and tuly lisent to Metallica’s Albums (including S&M), Go to a live show and maybe then, you would have sense of what you Speak!

  • by Ronnie Long - October 4, 2004, 11:18 am

    i saw metallica in march at casper wy. one hell of a show with the boys being in the round i was quite impressed with the seats and all together a small venue the show rocked as i sat around all summer waiting for the S.D dates to be announced , and pretty much telling people that they would nt pass us up they did boo , im just happy for the people who got to see them, and who gets to see them. lately lifes been hard and i just wanted to see the fourhorseman stop in s.d. maybe next time oh well they still rock we got van hagar in nov. no new shit from them in years last time they played s.d. they played the night before our date and then the night after but on our date they took the punk route and said electrical problems no rescheduling our date or anything like i said the punk route i hope metallica thinks about it and says theres s.d its in the middle of nowhere on the way to nowhere all they got is electricity lets kill em all, so if anyone knows any of the fourhorse men tell them s. d. will be here until it sleeps acting like like a maniac waiting for them to reload and hit the road and bring it to South Dakota cause man once that date goes up sell out all the way (2) two shows would be nice, casper events center was med. sized rushmore plaza civic center is twice as big as caspers easy sell out thanks for letting me type my thoughts on the subject just thought id remanis about the past march thanks metallica the memory remains .
    peace out world one love and its world wide

  • by Rob Farley - October 4, 2004, 6:51 pm

    I am no writer by any means, however, I do want to address the article written by Ben Honeycutt about the success of Megadeth versus the supposed failure of Metallica. First and foremost, don’t criticize a musician’s growth. So Metallica isn’t doing the same thing for twenty years, THANK GOD! Each album reflects their feelings and emotions of those times…yeah, metal gods are people too. Praising Dave Mustaine’s pathetic effort to continue making music only reinforces the distribution of what REAL music fans call SHIT. His voice sounds as healthy as ever? Since when did his voice sound healthy? And who is in his band again? Wait a second, he pushed them all away because he wants it all. I’m sorry, but I don’t support musicians that trash on their bandmates (especially Dave Ellefson, the bassist that was there from the beginning; Guitar World interview October 2004). Nevertheless, Metallica does not make music for the critics, they make it (like any great artists) for themselves and anyone who cares to listen. And how about the corporation crap? They market, like EVERY successful band does; they’re just damn good at it.

  • by Raad Beirouti - October 4, 2004, 7:58 pm

    I believe as Metallica Fans we should appreciate Metallicas music and time they spent in the music world. They’re getting old, sad but true… 22 years is a long ride for the band. Every album Metallica release went gold even before the black album. For a band that never publicized it self through videos and magazines master, ride and kill, should be considered gold albums for accoplishing what they did. Metallicas adverstizement was known as touring their asses off. Unlike other bands they loved to play live and left every concert winning over fans.
    Not only have they kicked ass in every way, but in every album release. Even though not to some of us but to others. Personally my favorites would have to be Ride the lightning; …And Justice For All. But what appeals to me, may not appeal to others. And what appeals to others may not appeal to me. So what makes Metallica even greater is that isn’t not all about thrash metal or heavy metal, they also created soft metal, blues mixed with metal, and even symphony & metal. Making everyone find they’re place as a puzzle piece in metallica. We all contribute to this great band, even though you may like the older albums more, but mature with metallica and learn to understand why the 90′s songs are different than the 80′s and why the 2000 year is even crazier.
    And for those of you who complained about the energy of metallica compared to megadeth. You have no right to say this because metallica probably toured 1000 times more than megadeth and can kick megadeth ass anyday. Maybe James is losing his voice cause he toured his albums and enjoyed his glory and the chance of a life time. But to me i dont care. James is still James and Hammett is healthier than ever, so is Lars and Rob shakes the whole damn concert with his loud sound! Metallica: “All it is, was and will be!” THEY STILL KICK ASS AND WE’LL BURN THEIR WAY THROUGH ANYTHING OR ANYONE WHO GETS IN THEIR WAY! and just for the record: I LOVE METALLICA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • by Lorna Djan - October 5, 2004, 1:22 pm

    I just saw last night’s concert at the Bell Centre, and I have to say, They are Better Than Ever! This was the fifth show I’ve seen in 12 years,and it was the best one yet. Their fans might be getting older (like myself) just as they are too, but last night proved that metal runs through their veins and that age is not slowing them down one bit! Their music has changed, and their fans vary in age and tastes, but one thing remains true, the same drum (Lars rules!)beats in their hearts! Thanks for an awesome and unforgettable show!

  • by John King - October 5, 2004, 1:58 pm

    O.K lets get started here.I have been a hardcore and loyal fan who gave every bit of my energy and respect to Metallica until the infamous “Black” ablum. I lived and breathed Metallica day in and day out. When they came on the Black tour to the Molson centre I had left physically ill after the show. More than half the crowd could not even sing Seek and Destroy(R.I.P to the old Metallica). Not to mention the fact that they sold only 0.5 beer.I know that people and things change but to leave the foundation on which they came from they have to expect something to crumble.Metallica should always remember that it was us the original fans that had brought them a solid foundation on which they stand.
    Once again I felt physically ill when I wanted to buy tickets to the show at the Bell centre Oct 3 & 4. Are they fucking mad asking for those prices? Kick ass band or not they are not worth that much money. As much as I would like to go and see them I will not support their money greeding machine anymore. If they want my respect back they can start buy lowering the ticket prices and Lars can keep his big mouth shut. Now if someone who will go homeless to support Metallica you should think again, remember they have a home and your money already. Look after number one “Yourself” keep your money because they will not be there for you when your down and out. Remember that there are also other bands to support that are just as good if not better than Metallica that are less expensive to see and hear. Also it was word of mouth that got Metallica started now it’s time for other bands to get reconized. Scew the “Icon” status

  • by Dirk Wagner - October 5, 2004, 7:53 pm

    Anybody remember the concert with Metallica and Guns N Roses at the Olympic Stadium ? James Hatfield got injured at the hand and Metallica had to cut their show short. The during the Guns N Roses part Axl Rose got a headjob and left the stage after 20 minutes of the show and the rioting started (by the way axl did that in every city starting with an M like Mannheim or Munich in Germany)
    Anyway, where are Guns N Roses now ? My point exactly !
    Metallica is still here and rocking harder than ever. Their music is getting better with every album and their live shows rock hard. So I hope you guys enjoyed the 2 shows at the Phonebooth and keep rocking.

    And Justice … for you all

    Bye and out

    Rock On

  • by Louise Bacchi - October 6, 2004, 9:19 am

    I went to see the Metallica Concert on Monday night, I must say it was amazing! You can see that they love their music and their public. They involve the audience and everybody sings and screams and dances, the Bell Center was full of energy on Monday. The fans were all there to pay “Hommage” to their favorite group. After all these years their still got it! I really enjoyed mnyself and so did everybody else I’m sure. On my way out. I was talking to other people and everybody thought it was amazing. I found out that the band doesn’t really get along, they practice separately since they know the music so well after all these years. I found that the new basis player was great and gave a good performance.
    I would go see them again, great show!

  • by Marc Giroux - October 6, 2004, 9:39 am

    I’m both a metallica fan and a megadeth fan.. but for some 10years now i’ve been a bigger megadeth fan because metallica lost their way … sure you can grow and change but still metallica means metal you know, not some poppy load and reload…

    As for Dave Mustaine kicking every bandmate away, that ain’t the case, always. David ellefson has did some things to dave, like ask for the record money before any record idea was on the table… and never apologyzed to dave… to me it’s not cool.

    i have the system has failed, let me tell you , this is Rust In Peace 2.. it’s full of metal and it kicks so much a**. Sure metallica is a bigger name, but doesn’t mean it’s the best of the two … always keep in mind that Dave Mustaine is in part responsible for what metallica is today .. Kill Em All didnt right itself. Dave was their when it was written and then they took is music and left him with The Mechanix…

    But seriously, right now, i think megadeth is the better band, not in terms of popularity (shows, tv, etc.) but with the loyal fans and record sales (i personnally know alot of metallica fans that turned after load) and megadeth fans never turned away.

    Don’t get me wrong, metallica is awesome. Up till Load, after that i don’t know what the hell they we’re thinking but anyways…

    Like Dave mustaine said, let see the new bands in 18 years if they still can say ‘I’m still here baby!’. Metallica & Megadeth are so somewhere down the line both bands are successfull and good. Final!

    Long live Megadeth & Metallica
    The System Has Failed: 9/10
    St. Anger: 3/10

  • by Martin Rioux - October 6, 2004, 11:44 am

    First i got nothing again these guys, they are a great band. The thing that bothers me with Metallica is that with all the money they made over the years, why would they go against their fans. Nobody in the music industry went after Napster and all the other peer to peer program but Lars. Since then more and more people went online to download their music. So now they’re coming to Montreal for two concerts. Would i actually want to go see them in concert, Hell no! It’s not because i don’t like their music, it’s more because i don’t want to feed the cash machine that is Metallica, anyway they don’t need my money since they already got more then enough people paying to see them this week.

  • by Ben Kalman - October 7, 2004, 5:15 pm

    First they broke their promise to Cliff Burton that they’d never sell out, and we have mainstream pop-ballad Metallica bullshit.

    Then they decided to charge $100 a tocket – they obviously need the money,

    Metallica a corporation indeed – they show all of the signs of greed and disregard for their ‘legions’ of fans.

    I remember seeing them for $18 at the Forum many moons ago. Chances of me paying five times that amount to see a washed-up up and popped out incarnation? Not likely.

    And if I want to hear Robert Trujillo, I’ll put on Infectious Grooves’ first album. MUCH better than St. Anger(less).

    Hope everyone enjoyed the show – yo can be sure your wallets didn’t…

  • by Autumn Hall - October 8, 2004, 12:54 pm

    First off, lemme give a “fuck yeah” to all of you who support metallica. you guys rock. Now, down to business.
    You who are bashing metallica, listen up. You say metallica has sold out. Please define the term “sold out”. Last I heard, it meant they did what the mainstream wanted, what the fans wanted. Well, since you’re mainstream, and you’re fans (or were), obviously they haven’t sold out or you wouldn’t be on here bitching about how they’re not doing what you want them to do.
    2nd thing. Yeah they’re getting older and smarter. Kinda hard to not gain any age or intelligence over 23 yrs. time.
    Next up, I thought load and reload rocked. Alot different from what they had been doing, yes, but they rocked. Quite an interesting venture into an unknown territory of music, and applause to them for having the balls enough to try it even though they knew full well that a bunch of so-called “true” metallica fans wouldn’t go for it.
    4th point: To all who are bitchin that metallica charges too much for this that and the other. anyone realize it costs money to print books, make cd’s, arrange concerts, all that stuff? And, metallica aren’t the ones deciding the prices, the record company is, and the people who run the venues.
    5th. To all who whine and complain about lars and internet piracy. If I walk into your house, take your stereo, and sell it, isn’t that stealing? If you go to your job and work all week, and at the end of the week, I take your check and keep the money, isn’t that stealing? So, when some cheap ass takes a cd, copies it to another disc, and sells the 2nd disc, isn’t that also stealing? point made.
    All in all, metallica kicks ass, always have, always will. They do what they want, regardless of what you or I think. There will always be someone who loves metallica, and always be someone who is dissing metallica. “So Fucking What”? You win some, you lose some. Can’t please everyone, might as well set about pleasing yourself.

  • by Amanda Kimble - October 11, 2004, 1:28 am

    First, let me say I belong to the Metallica club. Second, I am a die hard fan. That said, here is my point. At first, I was a bit confused over the Napster lawsuit. I later learned through an interview (available on the Metclub website), that the entire Napster issue got started over the song “I Disappear” – the theme song from Mission Impossible 2. “I Disappear” was being downloaded and heard on the radio BEFORE it was released! That is the same thing as a writer penning the “Great American Novel” only to find it in bookstores and floating over the internet before it has been published! A word of advise – before making shitty comments, do your research.

  • by Konstantina Panaritis - October 17, 2004, 9:00 pm

    Metallica…what can i say.They have been through hardship and addiction…and yet still make music and preform the way they want to. And manage to still draw crowds of fans of all ages.Their music has gone through changes,but yet everything in life has to change to go on…because if they stayed the same they would have faded away…and it is better to go do burning then to just fade away, look at David Bowie, the master of change…he changed his style several times. He manages to keep his base fan core and reaches out and draws new fans. But the problem people have with Metallica is that they have a preconceived notion of what they should be and cannot handle the experiment that they are doing to gain wider fan base. And no matter what Metallica produces they will always be the gods of heavy metal
    and set the way for what heavy metal bands have to do to have staying power and not just another flickering candle in the wind.

  • by Louise Dilks - November 3, 2004, 5:55 am

    I thought the Load and Reload albums were quite slow for Metallica and with bands like Slayer around, maybe Metallica are not the heavy metal stars they once were on album, but I want to join the fan club because they are still good live.

    I think Lars should not be so harsh on people who download music. He has all of the money in the world and if he wants something, he can pay for it. Other people aren’t that lucky.He has gone from a rock star to a business man.
    I think Motorhead are still the only band to stick to their true rock roots. Songs like the Ace of Spades prove that they are a biker band and not some corporate rock machine. I am going to see Motorhead live soon and I am really looking forward to it. You still feel like you are going into a biker bar and listening to a genuine local biker band. Lemmy doesn’t mince his words as he just tells people what he thinks and I agree with him that pop and this so-called ‘nu metal’ music is a load of rubbish. Motorhead ‘s uncompromising hard rock sound and no nonsense lyrics have earned them fans with punks as well as rock musicians.
    Slayer are that heavy live and on album that they make Metallica sound like ‘The Sound of Music’. The speed with which they deliver the riffs makes you wonder if they are in fact, taking speed in large quantities.

    I think the Darkness are more like Spinal Tap than Metallica, especially when the Darkness were on the Brit Awards and they had a massive unicorn in the background. What Justin from the Darkness was wearing did nothing to turn me on, in fact it made me sick.

    I don’t know why Metallica think they could pull because they have short hair, but if they know Bryan Addams, could they put a word in for me?

    There are too many commercial heavy metal bands now. Rubbish like Korn and Limpin Park are too rubbish to ever overtake Metallica, Ozzy Ozzbourne has been taking a break since he wrapped himself around a tree whilst high on drugs. I am still joining Metallica fanclub

  • by John Henderson - November 26, 2004, 3:36 am

    St. Anger……i wonder how many out there are musicians who dare to criticize Metallica…..St. Anger is very very good….its raw….not as polished as “The Black Album”, and it is a new direction for Metallica. As for all those ppl who say that St. Anger is not good because it is not like their older stuff…..well who would listen to it if it is? I would not. How many of us would have the guts to change as Metallica? “The only constant is change.” I like musicians who try new things….it means they are not afraid to explore and expand their consciousness…to remain the same means none of us learns anything….so who cares if St. Anger does not sound like their older stuff….it is different because they have learned…they are wise…….as for those who bash Lars for going after Metallica….they have a right to be paid for what they create and to download their music without paying for it is theft………..how many of us would like our heart and soul that is in our art to be stolen? As for high ticket prices….well time passes….cost of living increases ….that is natural way of the world….would you want those ppl who help set up the concerts be paid next to nothing? Come on REAL FANS wake up…..Metallica makes music for themselves..not us….if they sold out they would be making pop music instead of some of the most brutal metal around…..if your a real fan you would grow up as metallica has…because they also realize that nothing can stay the same forever…if it did it would die….

  • by Lisa Totino - January 18, 2005, 9:28 am

    when metallica started off with the garage days, or other. the only good albums that they ever made was(garage days), (kill em all), (ride the lightning), (master of puppets), (justice for all). after that they went down hill, and they just right suck! when they made the black album they were no longer the real metallica to me. maybe there was “only” a few good songs on the (garge inc) album, like “am i evil”, etc, but thats it. but thats the only damn good albums that they ever made. anybody who’s a old time, original, true metallica fan would agree with me all of the way, but most people just think that the black ablum etc are great. helloooo. you morons. especially the younger generation today. your not a true metallica fan. so you have no right to tell us true metallica fans whats the good metallica albums. you just don’t know sh*t. another thing is that a hell of alot of you morons classify metal like acdc. not! they’re not metal bands. they’re “hard rock”. so get your sh*t together. if you want heavy metal then listen to slayer, pantera, and the good album from megadeth like “peace sells, but who’s buying”. now thats what you call metal bands. i know that a few people would testify on my behalf, because they know the difference of the true old metallica albums, and the sh*tty albums. so i can careless what “any” of you stupid morons that think metallica is great. i lost respect for metallica a longtime ago when they made the black album, because they’re just not the true metallica band that they use to be, and i can guarantee you that it’s all because of money, because of these alternative bands etc. i agree with what Fabienne Isor’e said all of the way. they might as well R.I.P, because they’re no damn good, and just aren’t the same anymore. so to all of you true metallica fans “thumbs up” for you. you know your sh*t, and i hope that you never change either, and to the non metal people well i wish you luck, because your sure going to need it. thats for sure.

  • by Dan Aiuto - March 2, 2005, 1:10 am

    Metallica is a one of kind band. They are NOT affraid to try new things, they aren’t stuck doing the same old stuff year after year like most bands do. Its easy to put the same CD out every year, just to say you have a new CD out but, Metallica doesn’t do that they try alittle of everything, and happen you be great at it! They aren’t sell-outs because they don’t tie themselves down to the same old stuff, people who like that are sad and are living in the past, Wake up its 2005 welcome to the new era of metal, rock, hard rock what ever you want to call it, Metallica is the best so, love em’ or leave em’ there will always be another fan waiting to take your place!

  • by Zachary Masoud - July 30, 2006, 9:49 am

    Today, Metallica are viewed as one of the greatest metal bands of all time and are also viewed, by some, as the founders of thrash metal in the 1980s. Kirk Hammett is viewed as one of the greatest guitarist of all time and James Hetfield is praised as one of the greatest frontmen. However, even though now Metallica is viewed as one of the greats, they had to go through quite a journey to get here.
    Metallica had released their first album Kill Em All in 1981 and it had caused an instant craze in thrash metal. However, as they were about to release their second album, entitled Ride the Lightning, their guitarist, Kirk Hammett, had left the band and was momentarily replaced by Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine. The album was released, many problems occured with Mustaine, and then Hammett came back. Then, as the next album Master of Puppets was released, something very drastic happened and that was the death of their bassist Cliff Burton in a bus accident. So now, Metallica had to look for a bassist and they finally found Jason Newsted, who had a lot of problems with the band at first. Then, as they released their next album, entitled And Justice For All, they had a large number of their fans calling them sellouts for releasing One. But then, the real problems started as the band was constantly arguing and James’ drinking problem was really starting to have an effect on his career. They continued releasing albums, which were consistenly getting worse, and finally, after S&M, they had broken up. They were broken up for several years until they finally got back into the studio, got a new bassist named Rob Trujillo, and got cracking on St. Anger. It was then official, Metallica were back.
    In the above paragraph, due to limited space I was forced to leave out a myriad of other problems that also plagued the band but the ultimate idea is still apparent. Even though Metallica encountered several obstacles, they’re still here now and they are still one of the greats. Metallica!

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