Talkin’ Honky Blues
Buck 65

Talkin’ Honky Blues

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Halifax’s Richard Terfry, a.k.a. Buck 65, has hit a bases-clearing double to the wall with Talkin’ Honky Blues. The beats are cool and Buck 65 has a band to help him with his country-flavoured hip-hop. (It’s really not as incongruous as that thumbnail description sounds.) In the interview on the enhanced CD he explains that it’s the words that are paramount, and indeed, the 18 tracks are saturated with sharp-edged images and vague allusions. What’s most impressive is how his Waitsian delivery fits the imagery and the characters that inhabit his songs, where the slightest of inflections contains a whole emotional world. This is smart, smart music that should achieve Buck 65′s goal of reaching a wider audience with rhymes and tunes that are about real people and not just imagined versions of the egocentric self. (Mike Chamberlain)

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