Live at Zeke’s Gallery
Nathalie Matteau & François Dufault

Live at Zeke’s Gallery

Disc review

Jesus, did guitar tuners go out of style or something? Nathalie Matteau and François Dufault play a French and English, vox/guitar, dirty folksy blues. Dufault’s guitar is simple, while Matteau’s vocals are capable, sometimes suggesting a Janis Joplin or, most often, a Bobbie Gentry. She instigates a bit of brain shock, though, when she lets loose while leaning in too close to the mic, and to say that the very out-of-time tambourine on Vol. 14 is a distraction would be something of a major understatement. But the songs are there, and for that we’re grateful. (Jamie O’Meara)

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