The Resound of a Foggy Autumn Damn

The Resound of a Foggy Autumn Damn

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The minimal techno of T-O ex-pat Neil Weirnik, a.k.a. naw, will snuggle comfortably into the Montreal scene alongside local experts in the genre, such as Intr_version’s Deadbeat and Mitchell Akiyama, or MUTEK favourites like Akufen or Jetone. The outstanding opening track Brittle Sticks possesses a slightly sensual flair as a girl’s casual speech is gently laid over a clonking tek beat, striking me as the Little Fluffy Clouds anthem for the Cologne generation. Naw is cold, sterile and clicky throughout, but warm mid-range washes keep the overall effect full and mellow. Danceable, conventional programming eases into deeper, headier tracks, lulling the listener into contented lethargy. (Steve Lalla)

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