The Oracle of Hi-Fi

The Oracle of Hi-Fi

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Well shit, it’s good to have the boys back. Putting down the rumours, Canada’s redheaded stepchild of rock comes back for more with The Oracle of Hi-Fi – the band’s fifth disc. That’s more than most of their contemporaries, who have either fallen off the Earth or just off the wagon. Here Headstones cunningly continue to mince words and grit teeth. Songs like Whatchagonnado, And It Goes, Coffee Cup and Devil’s Road tell tales too dirty for fiction (and which probably should have stayed on the road). Their consistent "nothing to loose" posturing pays off in spades as The Oracle of Hi-Fi highlights their capacity to make light of life’s obstacles, poking them in the eye with slamming guitars, bass, drums and the compelling spit and snarl of frontman Hugh Dillon. (Mitch Joel)

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